Making a new OC like


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i am 17 years old and losing my shit over isabelle (smiling near fruit)

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isabelle (smiling near fruit)

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Mistiry Shak: isabelle has 2 trophies in sm4sh 3ds - one for isabelle regular, one for isabelle smiling near fruit
Adrian: aesthetic: isabelle smiling near fruit
Adrian: new ssb5 character confirmed: pit (smiling near fruit)
Adrian: newer ssb5 character confirmed: dark pit (smiling near fruit)
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 PokéPark Forest (Japanese: ポケパークプレミアムファイル PokéPark Premium File) is a special collection of promotional cards for the Pokémon Trading Card Game and was released to coincide with the opening of the Japanese PokéPark in 2005.

me and a pokemon card. check out my card

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Rainbow Energy Cards
 Water Energy Cards


Here, have a bouncy shiny and non shiny Dialga Pixels!

Dialga is a pain in the butt to draw, but I like how they came out in the end :) 

did u kno: porgyon is based on polygons, porygon2 is based on smoothed modeling capabilities, and porygon-z is based on vinesauce’s n64 corruption video

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Vagaballoon: the orb of confusion
Mistiry Shak: <<< http://data2.
Mistiry Shak: by volve
Adrian: omf
Vagaballoon: partl
Adrian: g
Adrian: temfart 2
Vagaballoon: have live
Adrian: jmode
Mistiry Shak: alen sworm
Vagaballoon: got simplegator
Mistiry Shak: have live defmach
Mistiry Shak: rickochay
Adrian: Ricochet 2.
Mistiry Shak: conterstrak
Mistiry Shak: lef 4 dad
Adrian: conter strak: gobla ovvinsyv
Mistiry Shak: lef 4 dad to
Mistiry Shak: ded f defeet
Adrian: terrarara
Mistiry Shak: have live posing four
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if you see this text post while on your dash u have been visited by the text post of confusion?

reblog in 15 seconds and get good luck. or money? love? wait was it 15 seconds or 10 seconds? I’m not sure?