the game making experience is EXTREMELY different depending on your level of motivation

if you’re genuinely motivated you can look at all the work you have to do and say “that’s alright it’s not as tough as it looks”

if you only think you’re motivated your look at all the work and go “well may as well do the easy stuff first” (BAD SIGN)

if you aren’t actually motivated at all you look at your work and spend time thinking about the work you’re supposed to be doing and wondering why you aren’t getting it done

this is the first time i’ve been genuinely motivated in a long time and i know i can do this because damn straight it’s not as tough as it looks

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Need a dispen(ny)ser here!

sound effects are serious business

they’re definitely the EASIEST thing to do but they’re not exactly simple bc sound effects on their own sound completely different to how they sound when in use and that’s why sound effects fuck me up

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i’m not even halfway done and i have 42 sfx bookmarked for possible use. im not even 1/4th of the way done

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looking for sound effects for the rwby thing

finding sound effects is always an experience because there’s always either a million options that work or absolutely no good options, and also sometimes you don’t know the right search term so i could be looking for a water-related sound and i cant find anything until i search something like “drip” or “bubble” and its like ???

and not all sfx work in-game the way they do outside of the game so its also a really big guessing game as to what will and will not turn out ok

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R.O.B. commercial.

my internet is being a Piss

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i must become shsl luck

how the HELL do you sprite the crescent rose

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how to make a video game in rpg maker:

  • plan everything out
  • set aside time and have a good plot in mind
  • make sure not to procrastinate
  • end up failing all of the previous steps and bullshit everything
  • cry

this is exactly what happened for the fandomstuck rpg by the way

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i was promo’d by like 10 separate people and i gained exactly 0 followers, in fact i lost one

im laughing really hard

i, the almighty namelessahoge, promo this user

i, the mistiry shak, also promo this nameless ahoge in hopes that they will be given a name

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i wouldnt say my rwby hype is dying down per say but i would say school is back in for me

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