p5 protag reminds me of both corpse party and harry potter at once and thats amazing

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new p5 theme idea based on deciding to take another view on the previous analysis: the world isn’t shit

like you have the news and it is constantly telling you all this horrible stuff going on and it can get you down but then protag looks up and everything is fine. everything in front of him anyway

idk its probably less likely than that but im a bit iffy on the idea of p5 being about what that analysis says

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megane protag


persona 5 leaked screenshot


persona 5’s theme on emancipation is Atlus’ cry for help to be free of the persona 4 franchise

if thats the plot of p5 tho it’d be hella pretentious (like i said in my tags but w/e)

they’d have to be VERY careful to make sure that it doesn’t come across the wrong way

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» Persona 5 Theme Analysis


okay so we know Atlus is pretty good with hiding little details, so I have a kinda theory, or at least potential idea for what the story is gonna revolve around for persona 5


so tumblr user ryougasaotome was kind enough to give a rough translation of the news here and said it was a bunch of stuff such as car accidents, tax raising, falsified evidence, bullying, death in a room (???), and all around negative behavior. It all looks really bunched together as if it’s a sort of feed for just daily news, rather than being all “THIS IS BAD STUFF BEWARE” kinda like a twitter feed of sorts (bad comparison I know)

then we also take into account this:


now I know it’s in part Atlus just changing with the times, but in every persona iteration to date, we’ve seen our protags toting around a silly little flip phone which old school ringtones. You know that PiPiPiPi! from p3. But what’s interesting to note is that our protag kinda keeps looking at his apparent smartphone.

But then anytime he looks up from it as seen in the trailer, he just has this expression:


we never see what he’s looking at ever, but he always has this confused expression on him, as if he’s seeing something more than just being in a new uncomfortable situation. He does look like the shy type for sure, but I don’t see Atlus trying to make character development or commentary on him so quickly, that’s stuff we figure out by the end of the game itself. So if we take that into account, it’s fair game to say there is something he keeps seeing. And lo and behold:


when he looks up from his phone, he’s seeing something.

So I think that the themes of being “free” are some sort of social commentary by Atlus. The news bundled in bulk, a protag constantly looking up from a smartphone, I think the message Atlus is gonna try and get across is that in our efforts to be so connected and informed, such as constantly reading the news on our phones and whatnot, we become chained down and we need to “free” ourselves from this, because when we focus so much on just getting information, we lose the value and the weight of what that really is.

Case in point, I think P5 is going to be about being free from societal shackles and being able to grasp and relish in the beauty of life that we forget in our efforts to find it.


so glad for megane

persona 5: chain of memories

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Persona 3 main character: never wears glasses
Persona 4 main character: sometimes wears glasses
Persona 5 main character: always wears glasses
Persona 6 main character (projected): is actually a pair of glasses


my brother and his friend are playing brawl and cuz the wii is in our room they have to use my bed so im just awkwardly trying to fit while they play brawl


hot new persona 5 info!!! the personas of the main characters are based on shitty ocs. the protag’s persona is ebony dark’ness dementia raven way

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the amount of shit i feel like putting into games so people can make text posts about noticing it is overwhelming